Georgia III Static

The design of Georgia III Static belongs to the luxury showcases of the Georgia III series. This showcase is intended for the presentation and sale of delicate confectionery products. An evaporator is placed under each shelf, from which cold air falls freely downwards. This method of cooling is especially suitable for sensitive products (e.g. confectionery with different types of butter cream, coated sandwiches). Because static cooling is very gentle on the cooled products, product drying is almost negligible in contrast to showcases with forced air circulation. A fluorescent lamp is placed under each glass shelf, the light of which increases the attractiveness of the displayed goods. All glass parts (except the shelves) are made of thermo-insulating double glass.

  • Serve over
  • Double outer tempered glass
  • Hinged front glass
  • Rear sliding door
  • Adjustable legs


Technical details:

  • Static cooling, electronic control unit
  • Electric voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Automatic defrosting and evaporation
  • Refrigerant R1234YF/R290
Dimensions(mm)  1000x750x1340  1500x750x1340
Shelves  2 + chlazená výstav. deska  2 + chlazená výstav. deska
Temperature (°C)*  +4 / +8  +4 / +8
 statické chlazení  statické chlazení
Voltage (V/Hz)  230 / 50  230 / 50
Power (W)  540  590
Veight (kg)  190  263


* ambient temperature of +25°C and 60% RH

Color design





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