Georgia III

The service refrigerated display case GEORGIA III is intended for the sale of confectionery products. The attractive design of the display case together with three individually lit shelves increase the appeal of the offered goods. The model range includes a wide range of versions, so whole lines can be easily assembled. Glass sliding doors in the back of the display case allow easy access to the displayed goods. Perfect cooling of the entire exhibition space is ensured by forced air circulation – ventilation cooling. The operation of the showcase is controlled electronically, including automatic defrosting.

  • Serve over
  • Double outer tempered glass
  • Hinged front glass
  • Rear sliding door
  • Adjustable legs
  • Special version for chocolate and pralines 14–16°C (humidity of refrigerated space up to 45%)
  • Also available in self-service, hot & neutral variants


Technical details:

  • Ventilation cooling, electronic control unit
  • Electric voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Automatic defrosting and evaporation
  • Refrigerant R1234YF/R290


Temperature range:

+4 / +8°C (operating conditions +25°C and 60% ambient humidity)

Dimensions (mm)  600x750x1340  1000x750x1340  1500x750x1340
Temperature (°C)*  +4 / +8  +4 / +8  +4 / +8
Voltage (V/Hz)  230 / 50  230 / 50  230 / 50
Power (W)  550  670  765
Weight (kg)  137  184  257


*  ambient temperature of +25°C and 60% RH

Color design