The Bighorn counter-top refrigerated display case with built-in unit is ideal for the presentation and sale of refrigerated products and is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized shops. The display area of the showcase is equipped with two shelves and fluorescent lighting in the upper part. All glasses are insulating. The showcase can be ordered with the unit on the right or left side (when viewed from the operator’s side). Access to refrigerated goods is from the operator’s side using a sliding glass door. In the self-service version (flip-flop), there is also access to the goods from the front through a hinged plexiglas door.

The Bighorn Remote counter-top refrigerated display case has the unit located outside at a maximum distance of 2 meters from the display case. It is intended for the presentation and sale of chilled food. The display case is connected to the aggregate unit by thermoplastic hoses and quick couplings, which enable quick connection without the need to contact specialized refrigeration companies. Another great advantage is greater flexibility when placing the unit in the space under the display case and the ability to disconnect and reconnect this display case at any time. It is important to place the aggregate unit in a sufficiently ventilated area so that the efficiency of the cooling system and the lifetime of the aggregate are not reduced.


Technical data

  • stainless steel construction
  • insulating double glazing
  • adjustable legs
  • static cooling
  • electronic control unit
  • temperature range: +2 / +12 ° C (ambient operating temperature of +25 ° C and 60 ° r.h.)
  • automatic defrosting and condensation evaporation
  • refrigerant R455/R290
  • three length modules – version:

Bighorn – 1302 mm

Bighorn Remote – 705mm, 1005mm


Two versions:

  • service – front insulating double glass (removable KIT) and rear sliding door
  • self-service – front hinged plexiglass (removable KIT) and rear sliding door
Bighorn 1300 Bighorn Remote 1000 Bighorn Remote 700
Dimensions (mm) 1302x620x640 1005x620x640 705x620x640
Display area (m2) 1,3 1,3 0,9
Temperature (°C) +2 / +12 +2 / +12 +2 / +12
Power (W) 320 200 200
Voltage (V/Hz) 220 / 50 220 / 50 220 / 50
Weight 85 85 79


Color design