Kentucky COLD

This showcase is intended for the presentation and storage of chilled food products in fast food restaurants, hotels and other catering facilities.

Cooling is ensured by forced air circulation, automatic defrosting with subsequent condensation evaporation. The operation is controlled by an electronic control unit. To highlight the displayed products, the display case is equipped with fluorescent lighting. The advantages of this cooling showcase include the technical solution of blowing the front and side glass with warm air from the condenser. In this way, there is no fogging of the glass when the ambient humidity is high and the temperature inside the display case is low.


Technical data

  • complete stainless steel construction
  • front curved glass
  • forced air circulation
  • automatic defrosting and condensation evaporation
  • electronic control unit
  • temperature range +2/+6°C (ambient operating temperature +25° C and 60% RH)
  • refrigerant R1234YF/R290
  • voltage 230V / 50 Hz


Version – length modules:


standard – 1 GN, 2 GN, 3 GN, 4 GN

high (with two shelves) – 2 GN, 3 GN

self-service – 2 GN, 3 GN

versions 1 GN and 2 GN are equipped with rear hinged doors

3 GN, 4 GN and high versions are equipped with rear sliding doors


Accessories: cutting board, illuminated menu panel

Color design