Electric stove VSE 6

The electric cooker with one circular plate is used in businesses and catering establishments to heat the food. The VSE 6 electric cooker consists of an all-stainless steel welded body with four adjustable legs and a cooker part. It consists of a top plate with a circular electric hotplate controlled from the front by a four-position control power switch and a light that signals the status. The hotplate is equipped with a safety thermostat, which prevents overheating of the hotplate when running empty.

 VSE 6
 Dimensions (mm)  375 x 540 x 580
 Voltage (V/Hz)  3 N – 400 V, 50 Hz
 Rated current (A)  9,1
 Rated power (kW)  6
 Cooking area (m²)  0,145
 Weight (kg)  35


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