Georgia III Ice Cream

GEORGIA III ICE CREAM increases actual range of cooling display cabinets GEORGIA III about freezing unit -18/-20°C intended for sale of ice-cream. In the unit is inbuilt special stainless steel base including ice cream containers. Front and side glasses are double, tempered and thermo-insulating.

Freezing by forced air with automatic defrosting through hot couples with sequent evaporation of condensation from retaining tray. The operation of the showcase is controlled electronically.

There is a fluorescent light in the top to increase the attractiveness of the displayed goods, blind in the back part to close the freezing area.


   Model 1000 
 Dimensions (mm)   1000 x 750 x 1340 
 Number of containers (pcs)   7 
 Container dimensions (mm)   360 x 165 x 120 
 Container volume (l)   5 
 Temperature range (°C) *  -16 / -20 
 Refrigerant   R 448 
 Voltage (V/Hz)   230 / 50 
 Power (W)   870 
 Power while defrosting (W)  2100 
 Weight (kg)   169 

* 25°C/60%RH

Color variants

Available in any RAL color range.