Georgia III HOT

These showcases belong to the Georgia III series of showcases in terms of their execution and design. The HOT variant is intended for the presentation and sale of hot products. A fluorescent lamp is placed under each glass shelf, the light of which increases the attractiveness of the displayed goods. All glass parts are made of thermo-insulating double glass. The rear sliding door allows easy access for the operator to the display case, the hinged front glass for easy maintenance. Control of the showcase is ensured electronically.

In order to prevent the products on display from drying out, the showcase is equipped with a water reservoir in the lower part. The heating elements placed above this reservoir cause a slight evaporation of water into the display area of the display case – humidification.

 Model 1000  Model 1500
 Dimensions (mm)  1000 x 750 x 1340  1500 x 750 x 1340
 Temperature (°C) +30 / +80  +30 / +80
 Voltage (V/Hz) 230 / 50 230 / 50
 Power (W)  3180  3235
 Weight (kg)  181  249


Color design