Georgia III Ice-Cream

GEORGIA III ICE CREAM expands the existing range of GEORGIA III service display cases with a -16/-20°C freezer version for selling ice cream. A special stainless steel insulated cabinet with ice cream trays is built into the exhibition area of the freezer showcase. The front and side glasses are double, heat-insulating, toughened.The showcase is produced with a built-in unit. Freezing is ensured by forced air circulation with automatic defrosting of the evaporator by hot steam and subsequent evaporation of the condensate from the collection tray. The operation of the showcase is controlled by the EVCO electronic unit.

  • Ventilation cooling
  • Automatic defrosting and evaporation
  • Hinged front glass
  • Refrigerant R448
  • Electronic control unit with touch screen
 GEORGIA 1000   
 Dimensions (mm)  1000 x 750 x 1340
 Number of ice-cream trays (ks)  7
 Ice-cream tray dimensions (mm)  360 x 165 x 120
 Ice-cream tray volume (l)  5
 Temperature (°C) *  -16 / -20
 Refrigerant  R 448
 Voltage (V/Hz)  230 / 50
 Power (W)  870
 Weight (kg)  169


* ambient temperature of +25°C and 60% RH

Color design




Possibly another RAL shade according to the customer