Kentucky COLD

The cooling is ensured by forced air circulation, automatic defrosting with condensate evaporation. The operation is controlled by a thermostat. The upper part of the showcase is provided with fluorescent lighting. A removable rack allows the extension of the display area.

Big advantage of this cooling box is its technical solution concerning front and side glass warm-air blowing coming from the condensor. The openings on the external sides of the box avoid the humidity condensation on the glass while the higher humidity in outer space and lower temperature inside the box.

Technical data

  • complete stainless-steel construction
  • front curved glass - easy removable
  • forced air circulation - equal distribution of air
  • automatic defrosting of the evaporator
  • automatic evaporation of condensate water
  • electronic control of the unit
  • temperature range +2 / +6 °C (ambient temp. +25°C and 60% RH)

Versions - model lenghts:

  • standard – 1 GN, 2 GN, 3 GN, 4 GN
  • high – 2 GN, 3 GN
  • self-service – 2 GN, 3 GN

1 GN, 2 GN with back hinged door
3 GN, 4 GN with back sliding door

accessories: cutting board, front display menu pane

Also available in versions: Kentucky Ice-cream, Kentucky hot standard, Kentucky hot High, Kentucky hot self-service

Color variants