Georgia III Combi/Split

This model gives customers the unique opportunity to use two separate refrigerated spaces in one showcase. You can thus display goods that must not be displayed together in one cooling area. These models are designed in the same way as Georgia III showcases, the differences are:


  • COMBI = 2 separate cooling spaces in a combination of service and self-service parts, only 1500 mm module.
  • SPLIT = 2 separate cooling spaces in one showcase, both serve-over, only 1500 mm module.


The self-service part of the showcase works in the +4/+8°C temperature range and has two shelves, the service part works in the +4/+8°C range and has three shelves. The cooling in the service and self-service parts of the display case work independently of each other (two control units allow different temperatures to be set).

The service part is used for the presentation and sale of confectionery products, while the self-service part is used for the sale of e.g. drinks, packaged sandwiches, baguettes, etc.

The glass parts (except the shelves) are made of thermo-insulating double glass. The rear sliding door allows easy access for the operator to the showcase, the hinged round front glass makes it easy to maintain.

  • Serve over & self-service
  • Hinged front glass
  • Rear sliding door
  • Adjustable legs


Technical details:

  • Ventilation cooling, electronic control unit (2pcs)
  • Electric voltage 230V/50Hz
  • Automatic defrosting and evaporation
  • Refrigerant R1234YF/R290
Dimensions (mm)  1500x750x1320  1500x750x1320
Description  2 separate cooling spaces

1x serve-over, 1x self-service

 2 separate cooling spaces

2x serve-over

Temperature (°C)*  +4 / +8  +4 / +8
Voltage (V/Hz)  230 / 50  230 / 50
Power (W)  1340  1340
Veight (kg)  286  293


* ambient temperature of +25°C and 60% RH

Color design





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