Ohio II

The OHIO II is refrigerated showcase with a built-in unit, intended for the presentation and sale of refrigerated food products. In order to reduce the heat loss of the display case and to limit fogging of the front and side glass, the OHIO II variant uses a double insulating glass solution for the front and side glass. Thanks to this, the electric energy consumption of the motor-compressor has been significantly reduced and thus its service life has been extended.

All glasses are tempered. The showcase is made of food grade stainless steel. The operation is controlled by an electronic unit in the +2/+12°C temperature range. Cooling is STATIC (evaporator is located in the upper part of the showcase), defrosting of the evaporator is automatic with subsequent evaporation of the condensate from the collection tray.

The showcase can be ordered with the unit on the right or with the unit on the left (when viewed from the operator’s side). The display area of the display case is equipped with two shelves, which are illuminated with fluorescent lights to better highlight the displayed products. Access to refrigerated goods is from the operator’s side using a sliding glass door. In the self-service version (FLIP-FLOP), the goods can be accessed from the front through a hinged plexiglas door or using a sliding glass door (depending on the choice of the so-called front KIT).

Dimensions (mm) 1210x630x635
Shelves 2ks + výstavní dno
Temperature (°C)* +2 / +12
Refrigerant R455/R290
Voltage (V/Hz) 230 / 50
Power (W) 250
Weight (kg) 70


* ambient temperature of +25°C and 60% RH

Color design