This freezing showcase is made of stainless-steel 18/10 with integral aggregate. The freezing is provided by a forced air circulation with automatic defrosting of evaporator by hot vapors, followed by evaporation of condensate from the safety reservoir. The operation of the showcase is controlled by electronic control unit EVCO.

To highlight the offered ice-cream, the display case is equipped with the fluorescent light at the top and there is also the front illuminated panel - Ice Cream. The advantage of this showcase is also the blowing over the front and side glasses by hot air from the condensing unit of the motor-compressor through the holes along the glasess. Due to this technical solutions, the dew-drops is moderated significantly even during negative temperatures in the display area.

The showcase is designed for sale of ice-cream and can not be used for storing the ice cream nor continuous operation (it is NOT ice-cream conserver/conservator).


Dimensions (mm) 750 x 775 x 585 
Number of containers (pcs)
Container dimensions (mm) 360 x 165 x 120 
Container volume (l)
Temperature range (°C) * -14 / -16 
Refrigerant  R 290 
Voltage (V/Hz) 230 / 50 
Power (W) 471 
Weight (kg) 80 
* 25°C/60%RH

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